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Rising Up to Help Pollinator Populations Survive and Thrive!

Our mission is fourfold: (i) to support scientific research investigating the causes for the dramatic decimation of pollinator populations, (ii) to educate the public on the urgent need to protect populations of our primary pollinators, (iii) to restore natural habitats for these pollinators, and (iv) manage a land preservation trust to permanently protect pollinator populations against the encroachment of land development and pesticide use.

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Noteworthy current events (2024-03-05)

  • Butterfly Highways: A project led by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) in collaboration with various partners has been working to restore and enhance pollinator habitats along roadsides in the United States. The project has made significant progress in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas and the Ozark Highlands of Missouri, resulting in the restoration of 78 acres of roadside habitat for monarchs and other pollinators.

  • Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Conservation Fund: This fund, managed by the NFWF, has awarded $4.1 million in grants to various organizations and projects in 2023. The grants aim to conserve and recover monarch butterfly populations and support other pollinator species. The fund has supported projects such as habitat restoration, propagation of native milkweed seedlings, and coordination of workshops and meetings.

  • Butterfly Conservation: A study led by Northumbria University and involving Butterfly Conservation has carried out the first nationwide assessment of the combined impacts of long-term land-use and climatic change on species distributions. The study found that many small actions can restore a species, as seen in the successful restoration of a butterfly species in Florida that was thought to be extinct.

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